Super Cool People Doing Cool Things That I Like Right Now: Becca Bliss & Co.

I've been friends with Chris and Becca of Chris & Becca Photography since college, and I love that we've been able to work together so much since. Becca does amazing calligraphy, as you may have seen on our free Valentine's card or on her Instagram that I shout out to all the time.

Becca has been a pro photographer for a while, and I'm so happy she and Chris have partnered up in her photography business together. While they normally shoot weddings and engagements (hint, future brides and grooms), we had a blast last month shooting some of our new shirts in Philly! 

When did you really know you wanted to do what you do?

B: I’ve always known I wanted to do something creative, but I’m also the kind of person who enjoys being around people. Photography is perfect because I can spend the week editing and enjoying quiet time, and then party with awesome couples and take their pictures on the weekends! I got my first camera in high school, and when I think about how many years ago that actually was it’s a little shocking!

C: Not long after I really learned how to use a camera. I loved the combination of being creative and pragmatic. 

What’s your favorite part of your process? 

B: My favorite thing is when I get to pass images off to our couples. Sometimes I get texts or emails right after I send them out from a couple telling me that they’re in tears as they look through them. Seriously?! Someone loves something I made so much that they’re happy crying? Is this real life?

I also love that moment when I take a snap and just KNOW it’s going to be a good one. Sitting down at my computer later and opening it up and being like…YES, nailed it! Is so great.

C: So I know this sounds super cheesy but I'm just going to say it. Being able to show a person how their significant other sees them. We live in a world where people are very critical of themselves, and terrible camera phone pictures certainly don't help. So being able to capture a moment or a look that can help a person see all the beauty others see in them, and providing them that proof is a powerful moment I'm happy to be a part of.

What surprised you the most about the photography business?

B: This isn’t really business related, but I’m always surprised when I have my camera out on the street how interested people are in what’s going on. People seem to see a big camera (or a couple big cameras when Chris and I are shooting together) and think…wow, what’s going on over here? Are these people some sort of big shots or something? Is there an event going on I need to know about? If we’re shooting in a city, TONS of people stop and comment or ask questions, we tend to meet a lot of people that way and it’s pretty amusing.

C: How far just being a genuine and friendly couple can take you. When people talk about advertisement and marketing, I imagine some conference table Mad Men style with a room full of people trying to figure out how to trick people into buying stuff they don't need or want. But we just really like weddings and love hearing about who our couples are and how that is going to determine the look and feel of the wedding. We just want to be your friends on your wedding day, helping you get through it and get you the best images so you can relive it whenever you want. 

Can you show us one of your favorite images?

B: This is the banner image on our website because it’s one of my all-time favorites!

C: Well you can check out a lot of our favorite wedding pictures on our website, so I'll go off menu. And pick one that isn't on there.

Who would win in a duel between McGonagall and Snape?

B: Ok, this is a tough one. Snape would be more willing to fight dirty, but McGonagall is a pretty bad ass bitch. I think in a face to face duel McGonagall would win, but in a more long term situation it would definitely be Snape. Dude’s sneaky and knows too much about poison.

C: As much as I love McGonagall I've got to pick Snape. Slytherins are about results. Snape has a seriously bruised ego about being hung upside down as a kid. You know he's spent more time becoming proficient specifically at dueling than McGonagall has. Even if she is overall the better witch/wizard, there is no way shes spent as much time directly worrying about dueling.

What do you nerd out on the most?

B: Definitely Harry Potter! We have a Harry Potter themed Christmas party every year, I actually made a blog post about this year’s not long ago you can check out.

I also know way too much about cats. Crazy Cat Lady status levels of knowledge. Wanna know what kind of cat will fit your personality best or why your cat meows too much? I got you.

C: Everything. I read multiple books a month, and I've re-read HP countless times. I even make cool things nerdy, put me in front of a plate of wings with football on... I'll be analyzing the spice mix and tell you about how it relates to a cool podcast I was listening to, while spouting obscure football statistics in-between bites. 

What’s your favorite show to binge watch?

B: Dr. Who! I have mixed feelings about the newest Doctor though, so Chris and I have been running through other shows like crazy. Any of the Marvel shows that Netflix does I pretty much immediately watch.

C: BoJack Horseman just cracks me up. It is very subtle at times and has a lot of call backs from previous episodes. Also Mr. Peanutbutter is my spirit animal.

Where do you like to hang out online / where can we find you?

B: I hang out on Instagram the most @beccabliss_ and you can check out blissbecca on snapchat for less curated life stuff (aka snaps of my cat). You can also find us at

C: I'm not as good about being online as Becca but you can always check out my instagram @chrisnelsonphotography.

(I just had to share this image of a stranger with a skateboard unexpectedly jumping into our photoshoot.)

Thanks, Becca and Chris! I appreciate all the thought behind our McGonagal vs. Snape debate. Please follow along on Instagram and keep them in mind for your future bridal needs!