Our Story


Jordandené started as a fun way to put a nerdy twist on traditional handmade goods. Our first product, the geek chic apron, makes all mundane household tasks a little more tolerable. Even the worst chores (dishes!) get better when you do them as Batman or R2D2, right?

Not wanting to be confined to the kitchen, we now make all kinds of subtly geeky products that stay true to our deepest nerdy selves, yet aren’t too extreme for everyday life. We focus on combining a few of our favorite things with good design and quality materials. No cheap plastic, comic sans, or boxy graphic tees here.

We’d be lying if we said settling in Brooklyn didn’t affect the way we do business. We try to keep our process as eco-friendly as possible— from the inks we choose to the way we package our products. And we've also adapted the strong community aspect of city living; we love working with other local businesses and strive to always take care of our partners and our customers. 



Handmade in Brooklyn


All of our products are sweatshop-free and screen printed by us in Brooklyn. Our designs are hand-lettered with a traditional brush and ink. The aprons and crayon bandoliers are sewn by real people across the East Coast.



All of our products are manufactured in sweatshop-free environments.



We use water-based ink to cut down on the chemicals used in our printing.



We sew all of our aprons and screen print all of our shirts by hand.



We didn't set out to be a girls' team, but we aren't exactly complaining about it. 

MEET The team

jordandene team | jordan

jordan ellis

Jordan founded Jordandené instead of putting her teaching degree to good use. She's a huge nerd who loves dressing up and throwing extravagant theme parties.

jordandene team | tristan


Tristan ensures everything behind the scenes at Jordandené is organized and efficient. She enjoys dressing up her dog and anything starring Danny DeVito.

jordandene team | chavon


Chavon handles PR at Jordandené. She's a proud Hufflepuff and expert in all things Marvel.

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